Lindsey Graham hints a bombshell

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C) has hinted that a huge bombshell is about to drop after a review of the Russia investigation.

Graham responded to the Friday resignation of US attorney John Durham’s top aide, Nora Dannehy, which was reported to have happened because investigators were not given enough time to gather information on former FBI Director Robert Mueller’s team ahead of the November 3 election.

After it emerged devices belonging to Mueller’s team were wiped before they could be analyzed, Graham claimed more findings would emerge by next week.

‘You think you are mad about the phones being wiped?’ Graham said on Fox News‘ Hannity last week. 

‘Stay tuned. We’ll talk in about 10 or 12 days and we’ll see if there is something else you can get mad about.’

On Monday a source close to the situation told Fox News that speculation about Dannehy’s reason for leaving is simply from an ‘echo chamber trying to make things look bad’ for Attorney General Bill Barr. 

Barr hired Durham to look into what potentially illegal activity could have sparked the investigation into whether Russia meddled in the 2016 election.

President Trump has accused rival former Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama of ‘treason’ and having ‘spied’ on his campaign.

‘They lied. They cheated. They leaked. They got caught. They spied on my campaign. Never in history has there been anything like this,’ he said.

‘It’s treason, and other words can be used also.’

In the year and a half since he was appointed, Durham has questioned former law enforcement and intelligence officials – former CIA director John Brennan among them – about decisions made during the course of the Russia probe.

Dannehy had been a top leader on the team, present for interviews with such officials, including Mr Brennan.

The investigation has not yet produced the results that Trump supporters had been hoping for.

The insider reassured Fox News that Dannehy only ‘came in for a brief job.’ 

‘They’re doing their job,’ the source continued about the investigation which reportedly should have been complete by Labor Day. ‘It’s not easy to do stuff like this. Takes time.’

The federal prosecutor gave up her post and resigned by email, the Hartford Courant reported, stating the reason was at least partly due to concern the probe is being pressured for political reasons to produce its report ahead of schedule.

Attorney General Bill Barr said last week that there ‘could be’ more charges coming in the probe.