NATO, EU leaders offer Biden to reconsider transatlantic relations with Europe

The EU expects that Brussels will succeed to restore transatlantic relations with Washington during the presidency of Biden

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and President of the European Council Charles Michel offered the winner of the U.S. presidential elections Joe Biden to reconsider the transatlantic relations of his country with Europe and meet the European allies of Washington next year as Reuters reported.

During the phone talk, Stoltenberg thanked Biden for his long support of NATO and transatlantic relations, while Michel offered to restore strong transatlantic links.

Jens Stoltenberg and Charles Michel congratulated Biden on victory at the elections and invited him to visit the headquarters of the military alliance in Brussels that is the center for 27 countries of the EU.

The EU has also positively estimated the position of Biden in keeping peace and stability at the sensitive Irish border, despite the withdrawal of the UK from the EU.

Biden stated to official London that he must fulfill his agreement on withdrawal from the EU 2020 and in this context; he expressed commitment to the peacekeeping in Ireland island. Otherwise, the U.S. will refuse from the conclusion of the trade deal with the UK.

It became the long-term change of ton of Washington for the EU that constantly argued with President Donald Trump who supported Brexit and had a skeptical attitude toward NATO. Trump often criticized the European countries as they spend insufficient funds for defense.

As we reported, newly elected U.S. President Joe Biden has a negative attitude and stands against the construction of Nord Stream 2. The U.S. is going to impose sanctions against insurance and certification authorities that provide the work of the Russian vessels in the construction of the gas pipeline.