U.S. Antifa insurrection: Defund Seattle Police backfires

Seattle City Council’s Plan shelfs defund plans in a blow to the far left extremist Marxist Black Live Matter

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So, there’s some good news coming out of Seattle, but let’s also stress that “good” is for lack of a better term here. The plan to gut the Seattle Police Department by 50 percent has collapsed. The overall plan to abolish its police department, which is the goal for the far left, appears to be put on hold for now.

Seattle city council rejecting Mayors leftists overtures 

Informed insiders advised the resistance to the Mayors openly supportive stances towards the Marxist Black Lives Matter and the far-left extremists Marxist movement commonly known as Antifa (but more accurately Blac Block) has raised concerns about the Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan capability to govern the city. Off record comments were less flattery of the Mayors sympathizes.

“The Mayor missed history classes”, one source on the council told the Portland Chief. “The economic damage to Seattle could reach about 6 percent of our forecasted revenues. Not mentioning losses due to Covid or claims against the city due to destruction and public safety.”, she added.

“Enough is enough”, she echoed many of the council members.

Some council members cited the labor laws, noting that if they lost a dispute, they would have to rehire the officers they purged plus back pay. They are moving forward with cutting 100 officers, getting rid of its mounted units, and the navigation squads, who deal with the homeless (via Seattle Times):

Proposals to reduce the Seattle Police Department by up to 100 officers through layoffs and attrition won unanimous City Council support Wednesday, while proposals to reduce police-command pay and stop removing homeless encampments also cleared hurdles.

Final votes on the moves are still to come next week, and the council rejected a push to “defund” the Police Department’s remaining 2020 budget by 50% and reinvest that money, as many Black Lives Matter protesters have urged.

The amendments passed in a committee Wednesday are expected to save only about $3 million this year (the Police Department’s annual budget tops $400 million), partly due to the assumption the layoffs wouldn’t be carried out until November. In order to provide community organizations with $17 million to start scaling up nonpolice solutions right away, council members intend mostly to borrow money, rather than redirect police funds.

Still, council members said they were sending a message as they voted 9-0 on the midyear budget amendments that Mayor Jenny Durkan and police Chief Carmen Best have vehemently opposed.

“We’re not going to be bullied into doing nothing,” Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda said. “It’s important to show community members that we hear them, that we’re working towards the same goal and not just saying no.

Supporters of gutting the police recently showed up at the home of Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best. The whole situation is just out of control. Only a left-wing city could have armed leftists seized a portion of the city, have it quasi-endorsed by state and local leaders, and then come to the conclusion that the police department is the problem and has to be cut.

The proposal to abolish the entire police department is no negotiation ploy. It’s what the left-wing wants to do in this country…because social workers would be better responding to armed robberies. It’s nonsense. Keep an eye on Minneapolis.

Right now, a ballot initiative to disband its police department after the George Floyd incident has been held up in order for a further review of the language, but it should never get that far. Second, again, this is what the Left wants.  

Understanding the Defund Movement. 

The Defund Movement emerged out of a Greenpeace strategy. It was the result of an former South African activists called Kumi Naidoo who fled during the apartheid regime the country after South African security forces shot and killed his cousin crossing into South African from Angola after finishing his revolutionary training.

Lenny Naidoo was involved in an planned attack against a elite Girls school. The terror cells planned to place a 5 kg Soviet anti-tank mine against the wall at the entrance of the school and planned to detonate when the girls were leaving the school. The plot was discovered the cell was killed. It is claimed the killing of Kumi Naidoo’s cousin was accidentally. Kumi Naidoo was awarded with a Rhodes scholarship and escaped to the United Kingdom.

Here he helped the underground African National Congress to develop a boycott of South African campaign which created the platform for today’s boycott of Israel products, product boycotts, sanction and divestments of coal from India, paper from Canada, Indonesia, palm oil from Malaysia and Indonesia to name a few.

Desmond Tutu spoke out against the divestment (defund) campaigns as harming communities and impacting the economy. In fact the South African economy has not recovered from the boycotts triggered by Kumi Naidoo and his leftist cabal of self-righteousness protagonists.

Black Lives Matters leaders have commented in private that the “good people from Greenpeace gave us plenty of good ideas”. Among them was the Divestment campaign of the police. First identified in revolutionary publications surfacing in July 2016 titled Activism, Civil War and Insurrection planned for a targeting of police forces, in particularly the New York Police Department.

In Hong Kong, and Canada despite the public narrative of police brutality an identical campaign played out. It begs the question how much these campaigns are interconnected. Experts think they are. Jeff Ramsey an expert on radicalization points out the almost identical language, color of the posters and efforts to “dissolve” the police.

“One time is accidental but by now a clear pattern appears in Black Block riots in Germany, France, the UK, Hong Kong last year and now the United States.”, he added, “no longer the argument can be used this is all coincidental.”  Structure, organization, contextual language, cultural context shows the hidden hand behind the revolutionary art. “We have seen similar artwork with other extremist groups.”

In a biographical piece about the Black Bloc the extremists narrative are explained but more importantly so are the extremists tactics and ideologies.

“It is classic subversive, modern, but nevertheless classic Marxist revolutionary tactics we see today”, an unnamed counter terror experts who specializes in far-left extremist groups told the Portland Chief. “What is interesting that the domestic intelligence organizations slept, again, at the helm”, he said. “Far left extremists are historically know, so are the links, personal histories and networks the individuals orbit. The FBI should have picked this up with ease.”